4 Day Brow Certificate Course



Master Micro-blading and Shadow $ Ombre Brow Course

4 Day intensive session that teaches feather brow tattoo/microblading, powder brow, Ombre Brow and Combinations Brows!

This course is for NEW and Upcoming Brow Specialist! Must have an eye for detail and be willing to practice the art form of Brows!



Suitable for students without previous brow tattoo experience but ability to draw brows.



  • Theory
  • Consultation Perfection
  • Prep and After Care
  • Product Knowledge
  • Colour Theory and Correction
  • Hand Positioning and Skin Stretching
  • Equipment and Safety
  • Correct Brow Patterns
  • Photography
  • Equipment and Safety encompassing SHBBINF001 Maintain Infection Control Standards
  • Practical
  • Powder Brow Models x3
  • Ombre Brow Models x3
  • Feather Touch Brow Models x3

Nine models for hair-stroke or shadow brows or Ombre Brows

This is designed for the student who has no previous experience in brow tattoo but should have a skill in drawing brows. This course uses various hand tools. It offers a distinct natural hair stroke with the ability to add shadow behind the hairs. This course will allow you more experience and practice.

Includes certificate and a full Kit with everything you need to start your new career. We do not use the Kit in training.



We do offer a payment plan! Please contact us for more details