If you’ve been working in a profession that you have disliked for years, you might be considering a career change and one that will satisfy you indefinitely. Unfortunately, such jobs are often hard to come by because of their competitiveness, meaning it’s crucial to show employers that you have the required skills to be a success. If you’re interested in cosmetics – an ever-growing industry – you’ll likely be happy working in a reputable clinic in Perth. Take the first step towards achieving your goals now by enrolling for our cosmetic tattoo course in Perth.

Cosmetic tattoos have very little in common with conventional body tattoos. Usually, cosmetic tattoos refer to semi-permanent lip liner, eyeliner or eyebrow tattoos that virtually eliminate the need to spend hours achieving your desired appearance. With the number of clinics in and around Perth rising, now’s the perfect time to gain the training you need to land a job in such a career, and we’re widely regarded as having the most thorough courses in the area.

At Beautiful Concepts, we provide affordable, comprehensive, and engaging cosmetic tattooing courses in Perth for the individual that wants to gain a head start in a new and exciting career. Also, thanks to having locations in Perth, we have a training centre that’s convenient for you. We welcome you to contact us for further details about our course, but below, we’ve provided the most essential details to help you decide whether to enquire or not.

Cosmetic Tattoo Training in Perth

You can find more information about our courses by browsing our training pages, but the following information should answer most of your questions.

Our Courses

You can find all the information about our courses by browsing our Training and Courses page, but our most popular include the following:

Beginners Course:

Over the space of five days, you’ll learn the theory and design of eyebrow hair stroke and shading, eyeliner semi-permanent tattoos, and lip liner tattooing.

Full Lip Advanced Course:

After completing the Beginners Course, you can master that art of lip liner cosmetic tattoos by completing the two-day Full Lip Advanced course.

Feather Stroke Course:

This three-day course will teach you the finer points of designing and implementing feathered eyebrows.

Additional Information

Students are required to pay a deposit to enroll on our courses, and cancellation fees apply. During training, you’ll work with highly skilled instructors, perform on live models, receive handouts to solidify your understanding and learn the theory behind the industry. Payment plans are available.

Contact Us Today

Don’t hesitate to give our friendly professionals at Beautiful Concepts a call if you have any further questions regarding our cosmetic tattoo courses in Perth. Alternatively, secure your place by enrolling today.