Deciding to become a cosmetic tattooist is a life-changing one that many people find both exciting and rewarding. After you have gone through the process of training and becoming certified, you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and provide them with the complete semi-permanent makeup transformations they seek. When you take a cosmetic tattoo course with Beautiful Concepts, you will be well on your way to embarking on this next chapter in your career.

We Prepare You for a Career in Cosmetic Tattooing

If you are a cosmetologist or tattoo artist looking to expand your skills or are interested in branching out into a new career, taking a course with Beautiful Concepts will provide you with everything you need to know about the essential forms of semi-permanent makeup and how to produce the best results for your clients. Our cosmetic tattooing training courses are designed to teach you the correct methods and techniques so you can start your business, grow your clientele, or otherwise enhance your career.

Through our comprehensive 5-day beginners’ courses held in five locations around Brisbane, we teach our students a variety of procedures, including microblading, eyeliner, lip line & blend, and full lip tattooing. After the completion of our cosmetic tattooing training courses, you will be familiar with all these and more, with an in-depth knowledge of the underlying manual techniques. All our classes feature a small teacher to student ratio, allowing for more thorough one-on-one training than some other courses provide.

At Beautiful Concepts, we have helped beginners learn the skills they need to apply what they have learned in a new business or career in semi-permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing. After receiving hands-on training for all listed procedures, you will truly get a feel for what it is like to work with a client and gain the experience you need to feel confident in your abilities. With beginners’ courses starting at $6 500, a cosmetic tattoo course is an investment into a life-changing career path that may lead to exciting new possibilities and allow you to embrace your passion for beauty.

How to Receive Cosmetic Tattoo Training from Beautiful Concepts

Many budding cosmetic tattooists have come to Beautiful Concepts to learn how to produce excellent, natural-looking results for their clients. We teach safe and approved methods that keep the client’s comfort and needs in mind. Through our cosmetic tattoo courses, you will be able to learn new skills or take your existing ones to the next level with the additional information we provide that most other courses just do not cover. We also offer a flexible schedule and ongoing lifetime support for all students, both past, and present.

To receive the knowledge and training, you seek from one of our experienced instructors; you can browse our Training and Courses page for a complete list of details. You won’t regret deciding to train at Beautiful Concepts. Get ready to gain a leading edge in the competitive world of cosmetics and start your cosmetic tattoo training today with a true master of this craft.