Thinking of Getting a New Tattoo?

These days you can pretty much get a tattoo of anything, on any part of the body. So who would have thought that the eyes would become a favorite?

It’s no secret that eyeliner tattoos are taking over. Maybe you’d rather get a little more beauty sleep, or you just can’t wrestle trying to get cat-eyes even anymore. Eyeliner tattoos are a semi-permanent tattoo designed to replicate the effect of eyeliner. They can range from extremely subtle, to quite dramatic and striking.

At Beautiful Concepts you will get semi-permanent makeup by skilled professionals at great prices, all within a matter of hours. Save money on expensive cosmetics, and catch up on your beauty sleep, with our beautiful semi-permanent makeup options.


Is Eyeliner Tattoo the Same as a Normal Tattoo?

Yes and no. Like a body art tattoo, semi-permanent makeup tattoos use needles to deposit pigment into the skin. However unlike a permanent body art tattoo, eyeliner tattoo is only semi-permanent. This is due to a different formulation of the pigment, and the application.

With a body art tattoo the pigment is deposited deeply into the skin. With eyeliner tattoos the pigment is only deposited into the first layers of the skin, meaning that over time the pigment of eyeliner tattoos will fade.

Depending on how your skin holds the pigment, touch-ups are often recommended every year or two.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting Eyeliner Tattoo!

  • Take eyelash extensions out at least 1-2 days before application, as any residual glue could interfere with the ink. These can be reapplied one the eyeliner has healed.
  • Don’t wear contact lenses to your appointment. Your eyes may be a little tender and swollen for the next couple of days following the procedure, so consider wearing glasses during this time.
  • There is more than one style of eyeliner tattoo to choose from. Do you want something natural and subtle, or dramatic? We help you decide.


How Much Pain Am I In For!?

A numbing cream is applied to the area about half an hour before the procedure for every patient. So in theory it should be relatively painless – YAY! But everybody is different, and therefore pain thresholds vary.

Some may experience mild discomfort during the procedure, others feel only a light tickle, and some still find it rather painful even with the numbing cream. Your beauty therapist is on hand throughout to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible.


Post Treatment Care and Advice…

Eyeliner tattoo offers very little downtime. You will be able to carry on with your day as soon as the procedure is over, but there are a few things to consider.

Immediately following, the surrounding skin will be a little swollen and red. You may use a cold compress to reduce swelling, and it is also possible to use an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.

After any semi-permanent makeup, it takes around three weeks for the colour to fade to its true shade. At first the colour will look dark and shiny, and after a few days this may begin to scab. If this occurs it is extremely important not to pick at it, as this can cause uneven healing.

The strict use of broad-spectrum sunscreen and sun avoidance is necessary for several weeks after the procedure to prevent post-inflammatory colour changes.

Complications are rare but can include infection or allergic reactions to the tattoo dye.


Why Choose Beautiful Concepts?

At Beautiful Concepts, we are dedicated to the art of cosmetic tattooing. As the premier destination for cosmetic tattooing in Perth, our friendly team of expert professionals are committed to making your beauty dreams a reality – with great service and seriously unbeatable prices.

Contact us for more information here, or give us a call today on 0488 900 548.


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