Why Eyebrow Tattoo Courses Are The Latest Trend?

Do you love experimenting with makeup? Trying out the latest makeup trends, or bright, standout shades on your face? When a special occasion rolls around in your friendship group, are you the one everyone comes to, begging you to work your makeup magic on them? Perhaps when you’re watching a TV show, or a play with heavy stage makeup, you think to yourself “I could do that”. If you answered yes to any of the above, then a career in cosmetic beauty might just be what you’re looking for. This growing industry needs talented, devoted and excited individuals who bring something special to their work in the industry.

Eyebrow tattooing is one of most popular courses available at Beautiful Concepts, as it has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Eyebrow tattooing has come a long way from the thick, block-shaped permanent eyebrows you might be visualising. The new wave of eyebrow tattooing offers a more natural, polished look.


What Eyebrow Tattoo Classes does Beautiful Concepts Offer?

All eyebrow tattoo classes available at Beautiful Concepts offer you the ability to learn and perfect the skills required to perform these types of eyebrow tattoos:


Thinking of Starting Your Own Beauty Business?

As long as there are formals, weddings, and the need for selfies, there will always be a client happy to pay for your expertise in applying flawless makeup, perfecting their dream manicure, or getting their wax just the way they like it.

Having already seen significant job growth within this industry in the last decade, it continues to be an ever-growing field. There really is no better time to join the beauty industry. For beauty therapists the career options are endless. Become your own boss, choose the hours that suit you, and only answer to yourself.

The instructors at Beautiful Concepts will help you harness and develop your skills among a variety of fields, such as lash and brow treatments, waxing, skin needling, microdermabrasion and more, leaving you proficient to conquer the beauty industry.


Why Choose Beautiful Concepts:

Beautiful Concepts is the premier destination in Perth for beauty therapy courses. Our experienced team of friendly professionals will guide you all the way from core principles of cosmetic tattooing, to the most advanced techniques. The hands-on training in our eyebrow tattooing class ensures you gain all the skills, and most importantly confidence, required to go out and immediately begin gaining loyal clients.

Once your courses are complete and you secure your first client, if you still don’t feel 100% confident in carrying out the sessions alone, our Beautiful Concepts expert teacher will attend it with you in a place of your choosing. We’re by your side every step of the way and we never let our students back down from a challenge no matter how hard. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our students and their professional careers.

Beautiful Concepts will also teach you everything you need to know from how to start your business, marketing your business, getting your first client, how to keep clients and become an industry professional and expert. We make you the best you can be.

We also offer training courses in skin needling, eyeliner tattoo, and lip tattoo.

For more information on our eyebrow tattoo training courses, or anything else we offer, visit us here.  Alternatively, speak to one of our friendly staff by calling us today on 0488 900 548 or email us at admin@beautifulconcepts.com.au .

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