In a world where looking and feeling great gives the people the required confidence to form new relationships, excel in their careers and feel satisfied with life, businesses in the field of cosmetics are on the rise. Working in, managing, or owning a clinic, whether it’s a spa, hairdresser, or wellness centre, can be a rewarding job for many reasons, from knowing you’re in a career with a world of opportunities to help people feel positive about the way they look. However, to get ahead in such a competitive industry, you need to show employers that you’re worth hiring.

Lip liner and eyeliner tattoo training in Perth could be just what you require to elevate yourself above the competition, and, make no mistake, the cosmetic industry is becoming increasingly competitive. As more and more people see the value in semi-permanent tattoos that eliminate the need to wake up hours before work just to perfect their appearance, the demand for such a service grows. If you want to be a part of this exciting sector, lip liner tattoo training in Perth could give you the head start you need.

At Beautiful Concepts, we proudly provide the most innovative and in-depth courses in the cosmetic tattoo training industry in Perth.  After completing our lip liner or eyeliner tattoo training in Perth, you’ll possess the required skills to land a job at a reputable clinic with an attractive salary, decent benefits, and progression opportunities. More importantly, you’ll be able to work in an industry that is never tiresome or boring.

Introducing Our Eyeliner and Lip Liner Tattoo Training in Perth

Our courses are designed to be flexible enough for you to complete them around your busy schedule, and they’re highly regarded as the most comprehensive training classes in Perth. Here’s what you need to know:

Course Length: Assuming you’ve already completed our five-day beginner course in micro pigment tattooing, you can complete the full lip liner and eyeliner training in the space of two days. The first day focuses on theory and design, and the second day teaches the practical elements of tattooing. Classes begin at 9 am and conclude at 4 pm.

What to Expect: Our training includes working with live action models, one-on-one teachings, and workshops to solidify your learning. You will receive handouts, in-depth instructions on how to perform the procedures, how to provide after treatment care, and more.

Additional Information: Students should find a willing model before the classes commence, though we can assist if this is not possible. We request a deposit to secure your place on our training courses, and cancellation fees apply depending on how much notice you give us.

Learn More about Eyeliner and Lip Liner Training

If you’re ready to take the next step towards furthering your career, you can contact our professionals on 0457382038 to learn more about the course or book your slot. We’ll book you in at whichever one of our five training centres is in the most convenient location for you.