Women just love feathered eyebrows. True, the treatment takes a while. However, the time gained during the one to two years that your semi-permanent makeup lasts, cannot be calculated. No more sitting and sighing at your mirror in the morning, because you have an oily skin, your eyebrows are too thin, or you’re just too clumsy.

As a beautician, you know this, and you want to offer feather stroke eyebrows to your clients, and feel proud when they’re happy with their incredible new looks. If you live and work in Perth however, it’s difficult to find proper training. Meaning… it was difficult. Not anymore.

Finally! Feather stroke eyebrows training available in Perth

Learn to reshape and redefine your client’s eyebrow area with our three-day advanced Feather Stroke eyebrows training in Perth. Our innovative course is already highly popular in the Brisbane area but is now available in Perth as well.

At Beautiful Concepts, we’re happy to answer any questions you have and to supply you with all the details relating to this training and the other courses we offer.  You do not need any beauty experience to enrol in our Microblading/Feather stroke  Eyebrow course!

Creating the most beautiful arched, feathered, straight or bold eyebrows is within your reach. We’ll teach you how to reduce and camouflage gaps from sparse hair in the brows, and to enhance your client’s brows so that they’re thicker, darker, more dramatic. Women love feathered Eyebrows After you’ve followed our training, they’ll love you too.

We do offer advance course in Eyebrows:  Powder Shading and Ombre Eyebrows!