“Smile in the mirror”, Yoko Ono tells us. “Do that every morning, and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.” Nobody doubts these wise words, but few can pluck up the energy or courage to do so. Are your lips pale and uneven, or do most lipstick brands make them dry, cracked or chapped? Perhaps you’re even allergic to lipstick. Having visual problems can make it difficult to apply your makeup accurately. Still, you want to look your best.

For a symmetric smile that looks 100% natural, a casual look with just a touch of gloss or even entirely without lipstick, full and seductive lips that will make Hollywood’s most celebrated celebrities (including Angelina Jolie) pale by comparison, consider lip liner microblading in Perth.

Cosmetic Tattoo Lip liner in Perth by an experienced cosmetic tattooist

Rely on Beautiful Concepts for a microblading treatment. We were already active in the Brisbane area, but you’ll be delighted to hear that we have opened a new cosmetic tattoo lounge in Perth. Here we offer microblading Feather Eyebrows, Cosmetic Tattoo, a relatively new semi-permanent treatment to create a beautiful face. For Cosmetic Tattooing in Perth, you’ll find no better address.

Is this your first time, and do you feel a bit intimidated by the prospect of Cosmetic Tattooing? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. We listen first. When you arrive at our cosmetic tattoo lounge, you’ll find it a relaxing and comfortable environment. Pampering our clients with coffee, tea and sweet chocolates has become second nature to us. By the time you feel at ease and realize that your procedure has started, you’ll already be smiling brightly at your new self in the mirror.