Are Your Eyebrows Ready For Summer? 

Summer days are meant for making memories, enjoying the sunshine and spending stress-free days at the pool or beach with your friends, family or loved ones.

However, it can be hard to just relax and enjoy everything about summer when your eyebrows and makeup smudge across your face on a hot sticky day or after a refreshing swim.

At Beautiful Concepts, rather than make the pilgrimage to find the best sweat-proof, waterproof and smudge-proof makeup in the market, we’re all about giving you a semi-permanent solution that leaves your brows looking flawless, no matter the weather forecast.

How We Make Being Summer Ready Quick And Easy!

Over summer – and year round – we are big believers that your makeup and skincare routines should be uncomplicated, while still achieving that picture-perfect appearance.

Sound way too good to be true?

At Beautiful Concepts, we offer a variety of semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos to give you the flawless “I woke up like this” look.

One of our most popular procedures is feathering or microblading eyebrows, which gives you eyebrows that are perfectly shaped to your facial structure and preference. Having feathered or microbladed eyebrows means that you can:

🙌 Get ready for your day quicker

✔ Spend less money on waterproof eyebrow makeup

🏖 Go to the beach or pool without worrying your brows will wash off

🤸‍♀️ Head to the gym for a workout or go for a run without sweating off your brows

No one has time to draw on their brows EVERY day! Let us make your life easy with the best eyebrow feathering in Perth.

Tips To Keeping Your Brows on Fleek ALL Summer Long!

From the thin eyebrows of the 90’s and early 2000’s to the #onfleek brows of today, we’ve seen a transformation in how important people perceive their eyebrows to be; particularly because more people are realising just how much a good set of brows can transform your appearance in seconds!

Choose The Right Brows For Your Face

Eyebrows are important to our facial structure – they convey our emotions, accentuate our eyes, define our other features and give our face more symmetry – so it is vital to have a professional choose the right brows for your individual face, lifestyle and preferences.

At Beautiful Concepts, we book a consultation with each client to ensure we opt for the best shape and tone to match your face, skin and lifestyle. We offer three styles of eyebrow tattooing to suit your face: powder, ombré and microblading.

Powder/Ombré Brows: Powder brows and ombré brows are created using a machine or hand tool, filling in the brow a little more than microblading. This style gives clients a soft makeup look. Ombré brows use a softer colour in the inner corner before gradually getting darker.

Microblading: This process uses fine needles to make tiny scratches in the skin before pigment is deposited over the area. These strokes look much more like individual hair strokes, enhancing your brows by creating a fuller natural look.

Combination Brows: As the name suggests, combination brows combine the hair strokes of microblading with the shading of powder brows to give you brows that appear naturally fuller in the front with the soft makeup look along the rest of the brow.

**Protect Your Brows From The Sun** 

  • While your new brows are fairly low-maintenance, they do need to be protected from the sun to prevent fading!
  • Work your brows into your sun protection routine by applying sunscreen to your face and brows, along with a fancy pair of sunnies, a stylish beach hat and shade!
  • A light layer of SPF sunscreen will do the trick for your brows, but for the rest of the face, you’ll need something stronger to protect yourself from the suns harmful rays.

Why Choose Beautiful Concepts?

If you are on the hunt for the best eyebrow feathering in Perth or you’re interested to find out more about microblading eyebrows, you can’t go past our team at Beautiful Concepts.

We offer a consultation process that ensures you receive the best in-salon treatment on your brows, as well as the best post-treatment care.

Our specialists talk you through the process from start to finish, let you have your say on your brow shape before we begin tattooing and generally make you feel as comfortable with the process as possible

Contact us today on 0488 900 548 or email us for summer ready brows that frame your face to perfection!

We also offer all treatment as training courses for future beauticians. Enquire here about prices and more information.

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