Full eyebrows are in high demand throughout Australia and the rest of the world. For years, people have coloured in their eyebrows with pencils intended for the lip or eyelid, a daily process that can clog pores and eats up valuable time in the morning. These people yearn for a time-saving, semi-permanent solution to their beauty regime. This makes the market ripe for people interested in microblading training courses available throughout the Gold Coast from Beautiful Concepts. Our microblading course starts with the basics and progresses to hands-on microblading training on people. Beautiful Concepts has been producing picture-perfect looks for five years, and we are now sharing our skills with you through comprehensive microblading training courses at multiple locations along the Gold Coast.

Microblading Training Courses throughout the Gold Coast

Microblading is a form of facial tattoo that fills in eyebrows manually instead of with a mechanised tool. Microblading training in our Gold Coast studios teaches you how to highlight a client’s natural bone structure thus creating a youthful and rejuvenated look. The technique is used to create semi-permanent cosmetic enhancements by drawing individual lines where hair is desired. Our course will teach you the basics of the procedure and develop your skills to create lasting and realistic looking brows with the least irritation possible. Sign up for the microblading course at any of our Gold Coast locations; we have studio space on Bloomfield Street in Cleveland, Commercial Road in Newstead, Minimine Street in Stafford, Capricorn Place in Bridgeman Downs, and Ferguson Street in Albany Creek and you’ll be training with the best microblading technicians in the area. Unlike traditional tattoos, microblading needles do not sink as deep into the skin. While skin composition may vary between clients, you’ll learn in our microblading course that touch-ups are necessary over time due to fading. While regular tattoos will also fade, because we don’t put the pigment in as deep, microblading training at each Gold Coast location includes how to provide efficient touch-ups.

Beautiful Concepts is a Step Above the Rest

While there are other cosmetic tattoo classes in the Gold Coast, our microblading course goes beyond what is typically taught; drawing from our real-life experience to impart studied techniques that will be crucial to your success. We don’t just show you how to copy us; we believe microblading training should include learning how to break down the different areas of the brow. Our microblading course will show you how to guide your clients toward thickness and arches that complement their natural composition. As you embark on your successful career, you’ll find that many clients pick brow shapes based on magazines, and not on their bone structure. Your microblading training at our Gold Coast campuses ensures that you know how to create a realistic balance between anatomy and beauty trends. Best of all, we support our microblading course students as they establish themselves throughout the Gold Coast and beyond. Come to us for the latest tips, techniques, shapes, and trends. When you learn from us, you become part of our family.