When you were young, out on the schoolyard with your friends, you took a blow that nearly poked your eye out. Amazingly your sight recovered, but a scar around your right eye has always been more noticeable than you would like. You find yourself spending so much time applying concealer to camouflage the blemishes you don’t have time to put on the full face of makeup expected for your service-oriented Perth job. For years you have worked to cover the small discoloration while filling in the patch of eyebrow hairs that never grew back. You’re tired of avoiding mirrors and wanting to hide. A good friend recommended you try Beautiful Concepts’ scar camouflage and semi-permanent cosmetics treatments available at each of our Brisbane locations.

Perth’s Beautiful Concepts has been serving Perth using cosmetic treatments to camouflage virtually any scar. Semi-permanent cosmetics utilise tattoo techniques to add pigmentation just under the skin to blend scarred areas making them less noticeable or to apply makeup that looks fresh no matter what your Perth agenda involves. Our highly-experienced technicians for semi-permanent cosmetics around Perth work with you to ensure that you are comfortable and that we understand the outcome you desire. Then, we use semi-permanent cosmetic techniques to create a long-term look that saves time and leaves you looking more youthful and feeling more confident.