In childhood, you sustained a compound-fracture when you fell out of a tree. The bone healed, but the skin left a reminder that runs down the side of your lower leg. While at university, people stared at your leg before they looked up to meet you. Ten years since college, you’re still unwilling to wear shorts, skirts, or anything but full-length dresses. Now your best friend is getting married and has selected stylish knee-length dresses for her bridal party. You’re losing sleep and unable to eat from the anxiety of having your leg on display. Put worries aside with scar camouflage treatment from Beautiful Concepts at any of our five locations throughout the greater Brisbane area.

Our treatments for scar camouflage throughout Perth utilise the art of tattoo to add pigment to problem areas to reduce noticeability and boost personal confidence. We believe your wardrobe shouldn’t be based on the skin you want to hide, and are dedicated to working with your individual concerns to restore your skin to its original beauty. We provide a relaxing one-on-one environment for your comfort, privacy, and ease of mind.

Highly professional, experienced, and with medically proven results, our semi-permanent cosmetic scar camouflage procedures are exactly what you need to be ready to stand beside your mate at the Perth wedding. More importantly, you’ll be able to enjoy a new life without being preoccupied with a childhood injury. Just think of how much fun it will be to go swimming in public, wear shorts when it’s hot, or even flaunt a chic dress at work. You deserve it, so book today.