When we think of our dream brows that are natural, thick and full, names such as Lily Collins, Cara Delevingne and Zendaya all come to mind.

Seriously, how can anyone be so #blessed with such thick, perfectly manicured eyebrows?

But for those of us who aren’t genetically blessed with great brows, there’s no need to worry! Whether you’re looking for fuller brows with a defined arch or you’re just hoping to fix your over-plucked eyebrows from yesteryear, we have some tips to help you achieve your dream brows.


Here’s A Bunch Of Tips To Get You Your Dream Brows…Naturally!


1) Use Good Lighting

Start your day off in front of a mirror with good lighting. Not only is fluorescent lighting bad for you while you’re applying your daily makeup routine, it also reduces your visibility of rogue hairs and increases the likelihood that you’ll pluck hair that doesn’t need to be removed.


2) Avoid Magnification Mirrors

In our experience, magnification mirrors can be detrimental to the shape of your brows, as clients tend to over-pluck their eyebrow shape when they view their eyebrows so up close and personal.

Our advice? Ditch the magnification mirror to opt for viewing your eyebrows in a normal mirror instead. This will give you an overall view of your face and brow shape, reducing the likelihood you will over-pluck or alter your brow shape too dramatically


3) Use White Eye Shadow As A Guide Rather Than Eyeliner

To highlight those rogue hairs for plucking, one of our favourite pro tip is to apply damp white eye shadow to the area you want to tweeze.

Some people may suggest using white eyeliner to highlight the hairs. However, eyeliner pushes down those hairs and can make them easy to miss.

The eye shadow makes the fine brow hairs easier to see and can also make them stand up a little, preparing them to be tweezed as necessary. Make sure to remove your eye shadow from around your eyebrows when you’re done.


4) Your Ultimate Trimming Tool – Nose Hair Trimmers

Nose hair-trimming scissors come in handy for trimming your unruly brow hairs to a uniform length. To trim your eyebrow hairs, brush the brow hairs upwards and carefully trim along any hairs that sit above the top of your brow.

Everyday Tip: Don’t hack off your eyebrow hair too hastily – take your time and trim small amounts to ensure you don’t end up with bald or sparse patches of hair.


5) What Even Is Symmetry?

Your eyebrows are shaped by one of our eyebrow specialists in Perth to enhance the look of your face, but they don’t have to be 100% symmetrical!

In fact, you shouldn’t stress too much if there is a slight variation in the width, length or arch of one brow compared to the other and you definitely shouldn’t over-pluck the shape to even things up.


6) Master The Fade

Your natural brows aren’t one blocky colour from the inner corner to the tail; you’ll find that the inner corner appears a lighter colour than the tail of your brow due to the thinner and sparser hairs.

Keep this in mind when filling in your brows with products such as pomade, powder, gel or pencil to ensure you don’t end up with brows that look harsh and unnatural.

To fade your brow makeup colour, apply less product at the inner corner of your brow and build the colour as you move towards the tail end. Alternatively, you could also use two different shades of product to achieve the fade.


7) Choose The Right Colour

Finding the right colour for your eyebrows can be tricky, especially if you’ve changed hair colour recently and are getting used to your new appearance.

You want to avoid matching your eyebrows to the exact colour of your hair. Here’s a general guide to follow:

  • Black Hair: Avoid pure black colour on your brows and opt for dark brown or grey instead
  • Dark Brunette Hair: Pick a colour one shade lighter than your hair
  • Blonde/Light Hair: Pick a colour one shade darker than your hair
  • Red Hair: Opt for a neutral brown tone in a light to medium shade


8) Highlight Your Arch

Define the shape of your brows and give the illusion of a higher arch by using highlighter under your eyebrows.

Apply highlighter just underneath the eyebrow, focusing on the arch, before blending it out with your fingers.


9) Use A Stencil If You’re Not Good At Free Hand

If you are new to the world of brow makeup application or you simply struggle to fill in your brows with a nice shape, you can purchase a plastic eyebrow stencil to help you.

First, you will need to purchase a stencil that suits your face shape. This stencil then sits over the eyebrow, with holes cut out to allow you to fill in your brow makeup. Remove the stencil and voila, great brows are all yours.


10) Invest in Low-Maintenance Brows

If filling in your brows every day is too time consuming or you love the idea of not having to worry about smudging your eyebrows when you live your active lifestyle, it might be worth considering a cosmetic tattoo from Beautiful Concepts.

As eyebrow specialists in Perth, our team at Beautiful Concepts are committed to helping clients across Perth to get their dream brows through semi-permanent makeup solutions such as feather touch, microblading, ombré brows, powder brows or combination for a natural look.

The best part is, you’ll have everyone asking you how your brows always look on fleek, no matter the weather, activity or time of day.


Why Choose Beautiful Concepts?

At Beautiful Concepts, we are more than just eyebrow specialists in Perth; we are passionate perfectionists, qualified professionals, cosmetic tattooing trainers and lovers of all things beauty-related.

We love teaching clients how to care for and fill in their natural brows, but we also love giving our clients the brows they’ve always dreamt of.

If you’re ready to take the next step with a cosmetic tattoo from our team, we will ensure you receive the best quality treatment before your treatment, while you are in the salon and post-treatment.


Contact Beautiful Concepts today on 0488 900 548 or via email to find out how we can help you achieve your dream low-maintenance brows.

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